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What is a diffuser?

A young woman wearing wearing sportswear is holding a ball.

A diffuser is a semi-transmittant material placed in between a light source and a subject to diffuse the light. Read more

Facebook is stupid!

Reaction from Facebook after adding a link to a group post

Facebook is stupid! Let me explain why. I am a photographer. So, I am also a member of various Facebook groups about photography. Some of these groups are dedicated to photographing people. This blog post shows various artistic nude photos. If you don't want to see that kind of photo, then please stop reading. Read more

What's wrong with Instagram

My account at Instagram

Frequently, models ask me if I have Instagram. Well, I don't have Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg owns Instagram. I think what they mean is if I have an Instagram account. I have an account at Instagram. However, I no longer use it frequently. Read more

A swimwear photoshoot with studio flash equipment

A young woman wearing swimwear is standing in front of a lake.

In the evening, I met my model at a lake in Southern Germany for a splash photoshoot. Read more

Nude photography at a lake

An artistic nude photo of a young woman

In the early morning at 05:45 am, I met my model at a lake in Germany. We planned to do artistic nude photos in front of the lake. We agreed to take implied nude photos. There are two reasons for doing this in the early morning. Read more

Swimwear photography with Speedlites at the beach in Fuengirola

A swimwear photo of a young woman.

Having mobile studio flash equipment is nice. However, when you are travelling to other countries by plane, you probably won't be able to carry it with you. This was also the case when I travelled to Spain. Read more

A photoshoot in a car park

A photoshoot in a car park.

The plan was to do a fashion photoshoot with coloured flashlights at an outdoors location. However, the weather forecast predicted rainfall. Therefore, we decided to do the shoot in a car park instead. Read more

What is the minimum amount of equipment required for photoshoots?

A photoshooting in the centre M√°laga.

Do you need lots of equipment for taking great photographs? The short answer is no. Read more